A generation of globetrotters

July 9, 2013 10:27 am Published by Leave your thoughts

A recent study reveals the average child has travelled a whopping 13,582 miles by the age of 16, five times the amount their parents would have at the same age.

Junior jetsetters on average have travelled to 11 countries before hitting their sweet sixteen, with 75% of parents admitting to actively ensuring their child experiences as many cultures as possible. According to the study, parents prioritised visiting new destinations in order to improve their child’s geographical knowledge, sense of adventure and widen their taste palette.

It’s an age old saying that travel broadens the mind and with air travel increasingly accessible, families are taking advantage of the competitive flight and accommodation prices, as trips to short haul destinations can now cost less than UK breaks. We are very privileged to live in a time where overseas travel is no longer an unaffordable dream and as low cost airlines continuously add routes to new destinations, this trend is only expected to grow.


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